Gala Pal is an app to help you plan the perfect wedding, party, or event.

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Track your guests' RSVPs

See who’s coming, who can’t make it, and who hasn’t gotten around to RSVPing. Send your guests a message to see if their RSVP status has changed.

You’ve heard horror stories about couples that have invited people who haven’t RSVP’d, but end up coming anyway. In all reality, that might make up about 2-5% of any group at a given wedding or event. Depending on your budget, your meal plan and the amount of people invited, this may throw a serious wrench into your big day.

Gala Pal makes it easy to track, and gently remind, guests who may have forgotten to RSVP. You don’t need surprises on your big day.

Plan multiple events

Plan as many events as you want – all at the same time. Recruit family and friends to help you plan.

Gala Pal doesn’t believe in one offs. You can use our app to plan anything that involves two or more people gathering in the same spot at a time.

Graduation parties, birthdays, summer cookouts, non-profit brunches, family road trips... the list goes on and on. Tailor each of your events to your specific needs with our simple design and intuitive user interface.

Control your budget

Set your overall budget amount, create budget categories and budget items, monitor your spending in relation to your overall budget, and more.

I think we all can agree that sticking to a budget is hard. Our app makes it a lot easier. We give you the big picture in a simple- to-read format, complete with a list view and graphs to make budgeting as painless as possible.

You can adjust your budgets with time, so nothing can stick to your budget without having to contend with any paper-based mishaps.


Invite family and friends as Gala Pals to help you plan


Track your guests’ RSVPs


Message your guests


Track your event to-do’s


Budget your event-related costs


Plan multiple events at the same time

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